The participation of the stakeholders play a pivotal role in the CLIMATE FOR CULTURE project, since they ensure the future application of the tools, techniques and methodologies developed during the project. Their contribution will be a substantial prerequisite for the success of the project.
Within the project the following six partners have been identified as the main important stakeholders. Above all, the partners mentioned below represent the participating industrial and SME partners. They are strongly linked to a research institution to ensure the transfer into practice and market, which will contribute substantially to European competitiveness, innovation and job creation.
  • Stakeholders

    • Bavarian Administration of Stateowned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes), Germany
    • Bavarian State Painting Collections – Doerner Institute, Germany
    • National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, UK
    • Center for Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage, Egypt
    • The National Institute of Cultural Heritage, France
    • Andreas Weiß / freelance conservator-restorer, Germany

  • Industrial and SME partners

    • TB Käferhaus GmbH, Consulting engineers for the preservation of cultural heritage, Austria
    • Haftcourt Ltd., UK / Sweden
    • ACCIONA Infrastructure, Spain
    • Krah & Grote Measurement Solutions, Germany
    • Andreas Weiß / freelance conservator-restorer, Germany
    • Kybertec Ltd., Czech Republic
    • Foundation Salvatore Maugeri, Environmental Research Center, Italy