Blickling Hall, UK

The Project

In the face of global climate change, the project
CLIMATE FOR CULTURE is investigating the
potential impact of climate change on Europe’s
cultural heritage assets – particularly on historic
buildings and their interiors.


Final Results and Public Deliverables now online
The three Climate for Culture tools, the Decision Making Support System "DMSS", the Decision Support System "exDSS" and the Software DigitChart are now available on the website. In addition, you can find the Public Deliverables and the Climate for Culture Brochure “Built Cultural Heritage in Times of Climate Change” online.
Software for digitizing analogue data charts from thermohygrographs

A software named DigitChart has been developed by project partner Jan Radon, Engineering Consulting & Software Development, Poland.

Database Climate for Culture at Eindhoven University of Technology
In the context of CLIMATE FOR CULTURE the project partner TU Eindhoven (TUe) has created a database on its Physics of Monuments website which allows other partners to upload project related climate and measurement data. As graphical output it can be easily stored and quickly assessed. In the long run, all information on the case studies shall be available in this database.


Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage against the Consequences of Climate Change