Project Meetings

In collaboration with the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and the Work Package Leaders (WPL) meetings are organised regularly in order to provide a platform for continuous evaluation and to ensure a high quality of research findings.
Official project meetings are held every 12 months, each Work Package (WP) meets additionally if scientific results require further discussion. The Mid-Term Assessment meeting, aimed at all partners, the Advisory Panel Members, the European Commission's representative and independent reviewers appointed by the EC, serves the purpose of reporting on the progress to date and of managing the exploitation of results.

A selection of meetings is presented below.


7-12/07/2014 | Munich, Germany
Project meeting of the Climate for Culture Project
9-10/07/2014 | Max Joseph Saal, Munich, Germany
Public Presentation of results of the Climate for Culture Project
10/07/2014 | Kaisersaal, Munich, Germany
Closing Ceremony of the Climate for Culture Project
15-17/01/2014 | Cambridge, UK
Core Group Meeting
13-14/01/2014 | Paris, France
Climate for Culture Workshop: The Impact of Climate Change on our Cultural Heritage


23-27/09/2013 | Heraklion, Crete, Greece
5th Annual Meeting
23/09/2013 | Heraklion, Crete, Greece
PhD Seminar
17-18/04/2013 | London, UK
Stakeholder Workshop
16-17/01/2013 | Leipzig, Germany
Core Group Meeting


06/11/2012 | Munich, Germany
PhD Seminar
07-09/05/2012 | Prague, Czech Republic
4th Midterm Assessment Meeting
24-25/01/2012 | Cambridge, UK
Core Group Meeting


12-16/09/2011 | Visby, Sweden
3rd Annual Meeting
12/09/2011 | Visby, Sweden
PhD Seminar
30/06/2011 | Prague, Czech Republic
Core Group Meeting
22/02/2011 | Munich, Germany
Core Group Meeting
25-26/01/2011 | Munich, Germany
Core Group Meeting


05-08/10/2010 | Dubrovnik, Croatia
2nd Project Meeting
05/10/2010 | Dubrovnik, Croatia
PhD Seminar
30/04/2010 | Vienna, Austria
Core Group Meeting


09-12/11/2009 | Munich, Germany
1st Kick-Off Meeting